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Author/Artist/Singer: A.f.i.
Music Title/Track: Kung-Fu Devil
Theme ID: 6868
Album: N/A

It's said and done, there's no turning back.
I've made my choice, now i've gotta face the facts.
Within myself, the hunger won't be subdued,
Because I can't have my cake and eat it too.

I'm worn down from fighting with myself.
I'll save my life and lose my mental health.

I'm wigging out, everthing is turning round.
A bitter taste - no comfort to be found.
An emptiness wells inside me,
There's no filling the void that will always be,
A self-control is all i have to hold.
It's been too long.
Maybe I have been to bold.
When you're by your own conviction
discipline can be your addiction.

I'm worn down form fighting with myself.
I'll save my life and lose my mental health.
I've gone this far so I'll kepp trying.
Continue to fight, I hope that I don't end up dying

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