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Author/Artist/Singer: ABBA
Music Title/Track: Under Attack
Theme ID: 1996
Album: N/A

Don't know how to take it,
don't know where to go,
my resistance running low
And every day the hold is
getting tighter
and it troubles me so
(You know that I'm nobody's fool)

I'm nobody's fool and yet it's
clear to me
I don't have a strategy
It's just like taking candy from a
and I think I must be

Under Attack
I'm being taken, about to crack
defences breaking
won't nobody please have a heart
come and rescue me now
'cos I'm falling apart

Under Attack
I'm taking cover
he's on my track
my chasing lover
Thinking nothing can stop him
should I want to
I'm not sure I would know how

This is getting crazy
I should tell him so
really let my anger show
persuade him that the answer
to his questions
is a definite no!
(I'm kind of flattered I suppose)

Yes I'm kind of flattered but
I'm scared as well
something like a magic spell
I hardly dare to think of what
would happen
where I'd be if I fell





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