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Author/Artist/Singer: ABK
Music Title/Track: Bombs on You
Theme ID: 2463
Album: N/A

Tell me what the fuck's goin' on ya'll??

We're droppin' bombs up in this bitch!!

Tell me what's goin' on!?

Ya'll better recognize



I will always keep my shit, underneath the surface

Because the way I flow, the mainstream don't deserve this

I'm set out to break backs on tracks,

and scratch on all records that you spin on wax

I'm a crazy motherfucker with pride

And I got enough wisdom to keep my soul alive

So grab a mic and lemme see if it shine

Cause it's time to make this whole world mine, all mine

Everytime I see these people

They always just stop and stare

Like I don't belong in this place

So they say that it's not fair

I can't understand this drama

That the earth brings down on me

So let me take you through my mind

Look in my eyes, follow me

[Chorus 2x]

Tell me

What's going on

and drop these bombs on you

I'm gonna tell you why I'm droppin' bombs

Because I'm sick and fuckin' tired of seeing fire alarms

Little explosions, marshmallows roasting

Soft motherfuckers standing on the stage boasting

Now don't expect me to just walk away

Because I've been told ya'll that I'm here to stay

I'ma still keep flowing, from coast to coast

And I'ma still keep smoking weed with juggalos

I'ma still bust caps, at all these hoes

And I'mma drop me a bomb off, at every show

That's how it is, so just grab your bow

Because it's time to represent

and watch these warriors grow

I can't understand this drama

That the Earth brings down on me

So let me take you through my mind

Look in my eyes, follow me

[Chorus 2x]

Tell me

What's going on

and drop these bombs on you

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