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Author/Artist/Singer: A Broken Frame
Music Title/Track: Leave in Silence
Theme ID: 107
Album: N/A

I've told myself so many times before

But this time I think I mean it for sure

We have reached a full stop

Nothing's gonna save us from the big drop

Reached our natural conclusion

Outlived the illusion

I hate being in these situations

That call for diplomatic relations

If I only knew the answer

Or I thought we had a chance

Or I could stop this

I would stop this thing from spreading like a cancer

What can I say? (I don't want to play) anymore

What can I say? I'm heading for the door

I can't stand this emotional violence

Leave in silence

We've been running around in circles all year

Doing this and that and getting nowhere

This'll be the last time

(I think I said that last time)

If I only had a potion,

Some magical lotion

That could stop this, I would stop this

I would set the wheels in motion

What can I say? (I don't want to play) anymore

What can I say? I'm heading for the door

I can't stand this emotional violence

Leave in silence.


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