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Author/Artist/Singer: A Camp
Music Title/Track: Song For The Leftovers
Theme ID: 130
Album: N/A

The night is on the edge now
Hanging low against the tide
The world is at its best now
When the loveless ones collide
It?s a long night, a beautiful night
We're the first leftovers of the night

I think about the last times
And the people I had to hurt
I wonder why they couldn?t touch
And why they never gave it up
You weren?t hard to find
You didn?t run and hide
We were the first leftovers of the night
Of the night

The silence is a burden
When you don?t really wanna talk
I?m trying really hard now to set
A light must sleepy heart
We made a pretty sight
It seems we found some pride
In being the first leftovers of the night
Of the night
And everything is alright now
Everything is alright now
Everything is alright

You?re not what I was after
But I?m happy with what I found
To dream on the beginning
When the end is all around
I think you?re alright
You qualify
For being my supernova
It?s a gambling life
A lonely stride
But I think we?re the best leftovers of the night
Of the night
And everything is alright now
Everything is alright now
Everything is alright

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