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Author/Artist/Singer: A Flock Of Seagulls
Music Title/Track: Funky Cold Medina
Theme ID: 237
Album: N/A

So...cold cooling at a ball
and im looking for some action
but like Mick Jagger said
I can't get no satisfaction
the girls are all around
but none of them wanna get with me
my threads are fresh and I'm looking def
yo, wassup with the l-o-c
the girls are all jocking
at the other end of the bar
having drinks with some no-name chump
when they know that I'm the star
so I got up and strolled over
to the other side of the cantina
I asked the guy, "why you so fly?"
he said "funky cold medina"

this brother told me a secret
on how to get more chicks
put a little medina in your glass
and the girls'll come real quick
it's better than any alcohol
or afrodesiac
a couple of sips of this love potion and she'll be on your lap
so I gave some to my dog, when he began to beg
and then he licked his bowl and he looked at me
and did the wild thing on my leg
he used to scratch and bite me
before he was much much meaner
but now all the poodles run to my house for the funky cold medina

you know what I'm saying
I got every dog in my neighborhood breaking down my door
I got Spuds McKenzie, Alex from Stroh's
they won't leave my dog alone with that medina thing

I went up to this girl
she said "Hi, my name Sheena"
I thought she'd be good to go with a little funk cold medina,
she said "I'd like a drink", I said "ok, I'll go get it"
and then a couple of sips, she cold licked her lips and I knew that she was
with it
so I took her to my crib
and everything went well as planned
but when she got undressed it was big old mess
Sheena was a man
so I threw him out
I don't fool a

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