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Author/Artist/Singer: A Perfect Circle
Music Title/Track: Vacant (Live Tapeworm Cover)
Theme ID: 612
Album: N/A

Dead as dead can be
From what the doctor tells me
But I just can't believe him
prefer the optimistic one
I'm sure of your ability
to become my perfect enemy

Wake up to face me
rise up and show me
someday I'll say you're vacant
and maybe you're better off this way

Leaning over you here
cold and catatonic
I catch a brief reflection
of what you could and might have been
It's your right and your ability
... My perfect enemy

Wake up why can't you face me
rise up and show me
Someday I'll say you're vacant
and maybe you're better off this way

Maybe you're better off this way
People better off this way
You're better off this way
you're better off this (2x)
Maybe you're better off

Wake up why can't you face me, come on and
Rise up why can't you show me (show me)
Some day I'll say you're vacant
and maybe you're better off this way

Go ahead and play dead
I know that you can hear this
Go ahead and play dead
I know that you can hear me
Why can't you turn and face me (3x)
You fucking disappoint me

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