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Author/Artist/Singer: Abortus
Music Title/Track: Abort Us
Theme ID: 2579
Album: N/A

Did we offend you, good don't understand it good
Did we upset your way of thinking like we knew it would
Your mind can't cope with this thin skin in deep it sinks
Offending breeding fear confused our name how hard it hits
Your life must have a void complaints a story told
Disbelieving all your senses because of the name we chose
What a response you gave awake at night you lay
You poor pathetic sack of shit the bait you'll always take
Did we upset you good won't understand it good
Did we just fuck your narrow mind blowing on your "ideals"
You just can't cope with this too hard just to dismiss
Still offending breeding fear our name in you it sits
Your life does have a void gossip our story told
The disbelief at all your senses on you it does unfold
What a response you gave awake at night you lay
You whining sorry sack of shit the bait you always take.

[Chorus x2]
Nothing to do with the surgeon's knife
Infact it's just the opposite
If you don't like us abort us from your mind
Is all we have to say

Watching your life fall apart
Resistance is futile you learn in time
Fills the space in your empty mind
Abortus the name that draws the line
It fills the space in your empty mind

[Lead Gooch]
[Chorus x2]

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