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Author/Artist/Singer: Above The Law
Music Title/Track: Everywhere We Go
Theme ID: 2615
Album: N/A

Everywhere we roll, niggas act like they don't know
It's like everywhere we roll

(Verse 1 - Big Hutch)
See, in the 'hood, a little baby hollers
My momma said it's all about the dollar
Roll, ???, and Impalas
Just because the big homie hit it
We looked up to the homies 'cause we was young niggas wit' it
Spit on the sidewalk, outlined in chalk
We bail to the store, for the Thunderbird
What's the word, Playa?
Drop a sack, nigga
Me... Hutch is down so get it off... and bring yours back nigga
Beginnin', the lifestyle's a straight mystery
A nigga learned the game, fuck history
Started with a couple of zones, then we bought a bird
Time get up... a spot, fuck standin' on the curb
Somewhere... where, we can kick it with some bitches that's fine
Smoke... skunk weed, and drink, that Nitrane wine
Shiet... pimp ??? never talk about the grind
No misdomeanors, no small prize
ATL straight smokin' tonight!

Everywhere we go, niggas act like they don't know
It's like, everywhere we roll
Everywhere we roll, niggas act like they don't know
It's like everywhere we roll

(Verse 2 - KMG)

I love... rollin' my Chevrolet
On the wicked back streets of Californ I, A
I know when I roll, you wanna test my fate
That's why I pack big heat, as I bounce, rock, skate
Never know no, catch me slippin' dippin' a turf
Fuckin' with me, find your dick deep in the curb
And you know I'm all about business
Slick get-a-ways, at a tight position
Quick to check a bitch, quick in a hurry
90 percent of y'all bitches ain't worthy
"Buy me this, take me out"
"Boo, I want a new car"

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