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Author/Artist/Singer: Above The Rim Soundtrack
Music Title/Track: Skandalouz
Theme ID: 2632
Album: N/A

artist: 2Pac

[Tupac Talking]
Hey Nate you know you gots to focus on this mutha-fucka
We gonna talk about these Skandalouz hoes
[I can talk about Skandalouz bitches]
I know you can, I know
Thats why we gonna do this
Daz on the beat
Hey Daz, nigga stop fuckin' around on the piano
Nigga just drop this shit, like uhh this here
I meet you through my homie
Now you act like you don't know me
So disappointed cuz baby that shit was so phony
It's not phony, you see no love for my closest homies
With my pager number uhh baby you was all up on me
While you proceed with precision
You had them taping hoes
No, I ain't mad at you baby
Go ahead an play them fools
They choose no to listen
So now he stuck inside his house
And can't leave without his bitch permission
My mission is to be a playa
My alias is boss
Drop the top on these jealous niggas
Playa let me floss
Y'all don't wanna see me in pain
I'll leave that ass like Toni Braxton, "Never breathing again"
It's Skandalouz
I never liked your back stabbing ass, trick
Yous tha watchin' money who you baggin' bitch
Ready to bust, in the city you don't know who to trust
Cuz bitches live so Skandalouz
[Nate Dogg]
She so Skandalouz (Repeated several times)
How's it hangin'
cuz baby, from the back the shit is bangin'
I'll be stressing in this ghetto game
Trying to do my thang
Won't be no bullshit, no ass kissing
cuz bitch, I'll have you waking up
with all your cash missing, I'm askin'
As if I'm qualified, to analyze
You looking at a bitch that specialize in telling lies
she got a body that make a mutha

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