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Author/Artist/Singer: Abyssaria
Music Title/Track: Elysian Fields Of Anathemised Entities
Theme ID: 3026
Album: N/A

A smell of sepsis poisons my entity
For all time we are damned at this place
Distressed childrenfaces shimmer through the spinney
They stare apathetic at centuries gone

Black fog creeps over decaying ground
Eternal night falls from firmament with all grace

Every step into these woods a deeper step into me
This is the real and acting fantasy

We roamed across valleys, through shadow an light
a lifelong quest
True cognition rests on eternity
We who opposed their god to discover our soul
a corroding quest
True cognition rests on eternity

Hunted of those to weak to withstand the awakening
a mental desire quest
True cognition rests on eternity
We had the key to us in our burning hearts
an entity quest
True cognition rests on eternity

Now we stand here at the glades of life
Eras of mankind passing by
The ocean of clouds tears raging apart

The starlight shines at us
They reveal us the unseen secrets
We try to catch the stars
to become as one with them

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