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Author/Artist/Singer: Aceyalone
Music Title/Track: Anywhere You Go
Theme ID: 4072
Album: N/A

check it out y'all...
This is Aceyalone on the microphone
and we got my nigga Punish on the beatbox
and we gonna show you how WE dos it...


anywhere you go
I am going to find you
and every time you flow
I'll be right behind you
just to let you know and
constantly remind you
you can never be as dope as I am

now I know you hate it when the MC ain't fly
so I come in the party live
chopping rappers down to size
I know 'em when I see em cause they got that look in their eyes
Aceyalone has arrived
they surround around the microphone like shit attracts flies
I arise
the Thai gets me high
I find him, stand right behind him and I spy
no more than two tries; either freaks it or you die
I waited; somebody stated "He's intimidated"
I was faded; I played it like any other brother would've played it
but soon as I grabbed the microphone I went into a frenzy
started givin niggas black eyes like Spuds Mackenzie
when that bud's in me
now one of these niggas tried to tell me my shit was hopeless
his homeboy was on the other side sayin "Man your shit's the dopest"
all of a sudden another rapper pushed his way through the crowd
came and stood in front of me and told me he was proud
then he bowed, told me that he liked the way I styled;
I thanked him. I smiled
then I had to be out

Now I'ma give shout out to all the dope MC's in the world...
yall know who you are

You know I got the kinda style that everybody yearns
I mic-check; I break a nigga's nectar like Kerns
cause you are a worm. you are a germ.
and you are about to be stepped on
so you should be concerned.
if you have a perm then it's permanent
it's affirmative you will burn
make a right turn turn
then a left turn
then a u turn turn
come all the way back, return
stand stern and maybe you just might learn
about the firm
I used to be a sperm -- shoot
got derm
nobody better not squirm
till my meeting is adjourned
okay I'm through
and I rock from here to Peru
I could've sworn you knew
that AC's having a rap sale
you wanna buy 1 or 2?
or 3 or 4 or 5
or 6 or 7 or 8
or 9 or 10 or 11
or 12 or 13 or 14?
cause me and the mic are courting
my circuit breaker's shorting
my memory is aborting
I can barely remember this flow
but wack MC's ya still got another zillion miles or so to go

They pushed that rapper in front of the train
Took him to the doctor sewed his arm on again
Stabbed that rapper right in his heart
Gave him a transplant for a brand new start
and then he stopped; he started again
he forted bounced it and vomited
now you know who's the dominant dog
that got to be given you that rhyme style
man child, locked in the promised land
I'ma stand in the middle of an open hand
that's extensive
cause I don't flow religously or relentlessly
for innocent-minded-ticity
okay I win and the battle's like over
got a sattelite Rover
with a rocket telescopic sprocket pocket pulley
and a fully automatic stun gun cause I'm a bully
my hair was wooly I'm a muillion
a calmer Jeffrey Dahmer hater
I'm greater than the latest greatest innovators
can go to hell, cause I say this so well
you can whistle my melody or noel
you're still gonna get the Speak n Spell
I get my ink from inkwell
my paper from the trees
I swell up when I eat MCs
so eat these
and stand at attention
did I forget to mention
my classes aren't expensive
that's if you are an uncomprehensive
defensive sensitive
toy rapper
little boy rapper
momma's wittle wappin man wapper
now you got me reachin' for my zapper
I'll cut you off with a clapper
but that's for old gentlemen
who drink coffee with cinnamon, it'll take ten of them
then again did I mention I'm potent
totin' holdin' reloadin' votin'
with my channel changer fool
and since I don't speak Greek stranger
I'ma give it to you in layman's terms so you'll learn...

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