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Author/Artist/Singer: Aceyalone
Music Title/Track: Fortitude
Theme ID: 4084
Album: N/A

I got I got I got I got

Hook: (x2)
Fortitude, gratitude, attitude
Longitude, horizon
Angular, rectangular
Perpendicular, particular

Verse 1:
I got I got I got nothing to lose (uh ha) and nothing to gain (uh ha)
And nothing from nothing don't leave a God damn thang
I can't win for losin'
Cause winnin' is strange
If you were born to be a loser lost and toss in the flame
But unfortunately what they predicted wasn't so (na uh)
I'm the Lone Wolf addicted to the flow I kicked it once before
Yeah I got that glow
You know when lights illuminate
When the atoms and the molecules accumulate I fumigate (HUH)
Catch my sprawled out on the skyline
When the mother ship crawls out the heavens ya'll won't be hard to find
Yeah I'm out my mind but I'm in yours
Mr. Outsider indoors
I been through the war (yeah)
I seen many men war tryin' to read they memoirs
Sincerely yours
Mine and hers and his
Even the cowardly lion is tryin' to find the Wiz
At least I think he is
But I can save him a trip
Cause I got more courage brains and heartbeat to make sure his don't skip
Cause I'm from Cool World, Water World and the Real World
Worlds of fun and the world has just begun
And is restin' on my shoulders and it ain't no place to run
Now who's house? (WHO'S HOUSE?)
Ace One no doubt
I busted out to my labor of love I stay devot


Verse 2:
I got I got I got height, width, weight (wait) don't forget mass
And class and raps for that ass and lyrical jazz
The inner city slash outer limit pass point of no return
Pass the joint don't let it burn (hold that)
I learn throughout my term don't be concerned (naw)
With these suckers don't let them latch on
Just keep on travelin' it'll take them way too long, to catch on
To this
I'ma diss and dismiss those who's suppose to be the bomb
When they got the mic up in they palm
The rap game done changed everybody's on
We all know someone who flows and rhymin' after long
So call it what you wanna
I'm a bonafied loner and a stoner
Starvin' like Marvin' and Nona
Still bendin' corners and a proud owner of the skill
To get the whole party poppin' like a pill
I don't stop till
You had your fill
And till the sunshine starts showin' over the hill
Till I'm over the hill and over the hump
I'm a let my music bump and give the people what they want
Cause I got...


Verse 3:
I got I got I got showed that the world was cold
People was cold hearted from young to old (spit)
From old to young from the moon to the sun
From one to a billion back down to one
I back down to none
Crack down that rum
I grab the beatbox beat to flip it to 'em have fun
I got my eye on it
He got a three piece suit and a nice tie on it
Might have to fly on it
Go ahead and touch on it
Taste on it
Put your face on it
I know you want it but don't got the right component
Yeah I know you want it but don't got the right component
I'm a thunderbird thunderin' flyin' through the air and wonderin'
Where should I land with this wide wingspan?
But I ended up landin' on the same ship you commandin'
When I'm through expandin' I'm gonna have the whole world standin' sayin'...


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