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Author/Artist/Singer: Acoustic Torment
Music Title/Track: Indifferent Humanity
Theme ID: 4477
Album: N/A

hunger, illness, poverty.
people tormented by misery.
children living on the street.
our help is what they need.
mourners of natural disasters or
victims of terror and war.
suffering people everywhere
but we dont care.

self-interested population
bluntes generation.
no compassion, no sympathy
indifferent humanity.

we think we are poor
but we are wealthy
we feel sick
but we are healthy
we make a problem
of every shit
but we are well
and dont know it.

self-interested population
bluntes generation.
no compassion, no sympathy
indifferent humanity.

dont withhold good
from those who deserve it
god will remember you
and youll be rewarded.
wake up and realize
your fellow mans indegence.
help if you can and
conquere your indifference.

proverbs 3:27
proverbs 19:17

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