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Author/Artist/Singer: Ad Inferna
Music Title/Track: LEmpire Des Sens
Theme ID: 4627
Album: N/A

From ashes of this world was born an Empire,
Our Empire of Fires, Blood and Crystal
Beyond Times, Dimensions and Places,
Ad Inferna, the Eternal injects from now his Venom.

The Carnal Architecture of our Cathedral
Is the irresistible and sensual invitation with chaos,
To the destruction, to the emancipation of the body
Which precedes the phase of creation, of development
Of Your Splendour and Your tremendous Grace.
What would be your life without the depth of our dreams?
Especially when these Phantasms become their reality.
Let you falling on cradle by the sobs of rebirth.

The Stage of the revival is crossed and nothing exceeds,
This feeling of evolution, of pure transformation.
Remember the Empire which transported you towards
The crystal and final discharge, that of Ad Inferna.

Ad Inferna, the Empire of Senses, of Hell, of Insanity,
Ad Inferna, the Eternal which encourage me and which guide you,
Ad Inferna, the Immoral and single amazing Light,
Ad Inferna, The Empire, Decent Vampire which is mine.

The Stage of the revival is crossed and nothing exceeds,
This feeling of Eternity, of extreme, the ultimate Domination
Fall to your knees for thy Empire transported you towards
The crystal and final discharge, that of Ad Inferna

The Hecatomb Moral of your Tender
Is the obligatory and reluctant wish with apathy
to the destruction, for the insanity of your spirit
Which precedes the phase by cruelty, Of laceration
Of Your Splendid embalm stripped of grace.
Your life will be only disaster without my dreams
Especially when my Phantasms become a reality.
Be unaware of the excess Transcendence forever.

From ashes of your world was born an Empire,
Our Empire of Fi

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