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Author/Artist/Singer: Adam Sandler
Music Title/Track: Technical Foul
Theme ID: 5179
Album: N/A

Look you got to understand its just been me and lan over 67 years
So she gets nervous around strangers
I wouldnt show that picture to any one, or they might try to take you 2 guys back to the laboratory
Listen we got rules in this house, and you better follow them or youll find yourself out of here,
Ya ya ya
This might be harder then I thought

If youre coming from street, with dirty shoes on your feet
Thats a technical foul
If you switch the radio, to some un-music show
Thats a technical foul
If you dont shut the door, after using the fridge-er-a-tor
Thats a technical foul, A technical foul

If you touch the thermostat, youll get hit with a bat
Cause thats a technical foul (Youll feel my wrath)
If your hair clogs the drain, (youll know the meaning of pain)
Cause thats a technical foul (Ill show you no mercy)
Ohh this is such bull shita
Hey In this house we say bull stick
Or its a technical foul, A technical foul

Let me get this straight, you expect me to change my entire life style in one night, because you guys are a couple of psychotic control freaks!


Well I dont want to do that, but let me run a few questions by you so I dont screw up accidentally.

If I dont spray Lysol, after moving a bowl,
Thats a technical foul.
If I decide to wash my ass with your monogram towel,
Thats a technical foul.
Wait say Hieney.
If I make fun of your crazy feeties,
Or give sugar cookies to Mrs. Diabetes,
Thats not a leer technical foul.
Or possibly a homicide

Can I sleep past three?
If you do that youll get a T
Take a wiz in those flowers?
Ill say hit the showers.
Use this

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