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Author/Artist/Singer: Adverts
Music Title/Track: Quickstep
Theme ID: 7041
Album: N/A

Quickstep (written 4/77)

I knew my youth couldn't last forever
I knew some chords so I got the band together
Sick of sleeping and beating up my mother
Forget these luxuries, I've got myself another buzz

Now you don't see me, now you do
Pretty soon you're going to see what punks can do

I stole some tunes from the radio
I lost my nerve but it didn't show
I found some friends with a little faith
Less money and no taste

Now you don't see me, now you do
Pretty soon you're going to see what punks can do

But you've got to work at it, what a drag
You've got to work, work, work, work
You can't lag behind, lag behind, lag behind
I want to get this gig over
And I don't want to see it again
But I don't want to go until it's over
And I don't want to die in pain, die in pain

2-3-4! I knew my youth can't last forever
I'll sing the words until I can't keep the band together no more
Oh! to do the quickstep on a Saturday night
And hunt like brave man with a flashlight

Now you don't see me, now you do
Pretty soon you're going to see what punks can do

The Adverts

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