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Author/Artist/Singer: Afterworld
Music Title/Track: Let It Go
Theme ID: 8184
Album: N/A

[Spoken Intro]

How come some people think they know things
about other people when those people don't know those things even themselves.
Some people seem to be especially interested in talking shit
about others behind their back.
This is very pathetic but unfortunately it exists in regular basis.

It's always hard to know where the truth can be found
It's nearly as hard to decide who is telling the truth

Still you've found the way, to classify the people
You are good and you're bad, that's the way it is...

Everytime there are some virtuous doctrines that you want to teach, you want
to teach...
Too long time you have tried to create something, you can never reach, you
can never reach...

You always know the things before we even know them for ourselves
You're just assuming it's the truth...
You always say the things before we even hear them for ourselves
You're talking shit and before you know, you have to let it go!

Why don't you let it go, let the crowd repeat their tales
You've seen it all, don't be the one you despise

Don't you ever beg that the ones you've disgraced
Will ever forget, some day you'll pay the price

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