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Author/Artist/Singer: Amen
Music Title/Track: Broken Design
Theme ID: 18638
Album: N/A

It's the money disguised
In the blink of their eyes
Blurring the minds of the fallen
Teach in the crime teachin' the blind
These are the cunts on a street named desire

Lockeddesign and no way out
Locked design and no way out
Why do i fele this way?
I feel this way every day

Forcing and taunting this lifer is haulting
Constant demise of the fallen
Broken inside broken inside
These are the cunts on a street named desire

Lock design and no way out
Locked design and no way out
Why do i feel this way?
I feel this way every day

I wanna live i wanna live to get some
Don't wannt live, i don't wanna live now
You said your life is gonna get bad some
You never know what life to live
Broken design
Broken now
Who's broken now?

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