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Author/Artist/Singer: American Headcharge
Music Title/Track: Reach And Touch
Theme ID: 19057
Album: N/A

(Due to some violent content
Parental discretion is advised
Please remain calm, do not move about
The only danger is, that you will injure yourselves
Or accidentely start fires
Stay clear of all electrical equipment)

I've seen it turn from white to red
And I've heard your talk about how you bleed
And it doesn't mean shit
Until I see some action
A hint of rose
And a mountain of garbage
Leaves me for dead
Nothing drags me from

Breaking myself
Breaking myself
Breaking myself
Breaking myself
Breaking myself
To try to keep
Everyone from walking
Over me

Smell the burning wreckage
Of even you
All of your perfection
Let's get inside the bag
Turn it 180 degrees
Forget we even met
Because it all comes down to this
The good ones always
Leave in the end

Breaking myself
Breaking myself
Breaking myself
Breaking myself
Breaking myself
To try to keep
Everyone from walking
Over me

I see the world
And it all looks blue
I kiss the world
And it all tastes true

(All right, listen up, you need to slow this fucking thing down)

The blurry eyes make me
Appealing in a normal fashion
Another 2 or 3
And you will become very friendly
Your liquidation is a siren song
You swim, I follow
I'm feeling my head sink
So as to reach and touch
What hurts me
Still I try to reach and touch
What hurts me

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