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Author/Artist/Singer: Anekdoten
Music Title/Track: Ricochet
Theme ID: 23698
Album: N/A

hear me breathe

from the other room

so which of all the lies you told

should i keep as my own?

the metaphors are lost on me

what i see is what i see

the earth is moving - time to say goodbye?

only sky ahead

love's so hard to find

i saw it coming,

saw it go wailing down the line

will i see you again?

a window closed, an opened door

some seven steps away

my actions caught up finally

beyond the watchword wait and see

beyond the undecisive ways of mine

only sky ahead

love's so hard to find

i saw it come and saw it go

somewhere down the line

down the line

the dream machine's on speed

my head's up in the clouds

we met up on the ledge

and i could read your mind

and though things fall asleep

nothing ever dies

i caught it on the bounce

and now we float

- hands outstretched -

along the river

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