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Author/Artist/Singer: Anointed
Music Title/Track: The Call
Theme ID: 26344
Album: N/A

It was on a day like no other
Seeking your face when I discovered
My life was no longer my own, but yours
Then I heard you say, ?Go and tell them
To open your heart, let me in and I will supply your every need?
Then I cried, ?Lord, I don?t know if I can do it?
?You will find your strength in me. Only believe?
Then I said, ?What if I fail? I just couldn?t take it?
He said, ?I have given you my ability?

For the sake of the call
I am laying down my all
No turning back
Moving straight ahead
I?m on the right track
And it?s all for the sake of the call

Sister, let me encourage your heart
Brother, leave doubt behind, stay your part
Know that he?s with you, yes, He?s there all the time
You may feel like you can?t go on any longer
Though you are weak, remember he?s stronger
Through Him you can do most anything
You might cry ?Lord I don?t know if I can do it?
You will find your strength in him only believe
You might say, ?What if I fail? I just couldn?t take it.
He has given you the ability

Repeat Chorus

Daily I press toward the mark for the prize
Of the high calling of God in Jesus our Lord

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