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Author/Artist/Singer: Anti-flag
Music Title/Track: Anatomy Of You Enemy
Theme ID: 27169
Album: N/A

Arm in Arm - Fists held high
"set them free" - our battle cry
Take back the streets
And our right to free speech
Locked up and put away
For fear of what they'll say

Crooked cops plus crooked judges, don't equal justice
Free all political prisoners
Racist cops plus racist judges, don't equal justice
Free all political prisoners

Brick by brick - wall by wall
Wont sit back - let our brothers and sisiters fall
The unjust justice system
Our voice will overthrow


Leonard Peltier
Father Roy Bourgeois
The Angola 3
The MOVE 9
Ken Sara Wiwa
Lori Brenson
Like Nelson Mandela
Keep hope alive... KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!!

Brick by brick, wall by wall...
We're gonna free Mumia Abu-Jamal
Brick by brick, wall by wall...
We're gonna free Mumia Abu-Jamal
Brick by brick, wall by wall...

No justice, No peace, No racist police (x4)

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