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Author/Artist/Singer: Anti-flag
Music Title/Track: The Consumers Song
Theme ID: 27246
Album: N/A

You're walking down the street in the middle of the day
The sun is shinning brightly everything is quite ok
But then you hear this song, it makes you stop and yell out, "HEY!"
You might think that it is...


You might think that it is but I'm telling you it ain't!
Although I will admit it sounds like something they might write
It's a happy little ditty makes you stop and move you're feet
You might think that this is...


Masterpieces don't usually get written in a minute
But this one took just seconds or even less time to pen it
But don't be too amazed, 'cause it's just got one verse and chantin'
Your might think that this is...'s not a crass song is it?

The guitar riff is real savage and it ain't on all that on time
The vocals are so Cockney that they may just blow your mind
And it's got made up words like "icklee", "zicklee", "vin", and "plime"
You might think that this is...


We like to play it in the morning like to play it in the night
Do yourself a favor matey, sing it instead of starting fights
After only just one verse I'm telling you you'll feel all right
You might think that this is...


Play it when you're walking, walking down the street
Play it when you're riding on your bike or on your feet
Doesn't really matter 'cause it's really really neat
You might think that this is...


Sing it to your mommy, sing it to your dad
Sing it to your new girl friend or the one you just had...
Hello...Hello Im from England right? I love the Teletubbies!!!! Teletubbies is my favorite show...hello? anybody there right? Hello?

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