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Author/Artist/Singer: Aquabats
Music Title/Track: Powered Milkman
Theme ID: 28836
Album: N/A

The wind blows and I see dust
A cloud of white upon the horizon
My pallet knows, this is a bust
Breakfast is wrecked
For the chidren of the nation
These cheerios, soggy and tainted
Have gone to waste in
This milk of devastation.

Taste is based
From the bones of zombies
The dust is ground
It's not safe to eat or drink
When powdered milk's around!

Call in the troops
Cause here's a scoop
For you and your group
There's a drink around town
And it tastes like foo
The man in the tin suit
Bearing bitter fruit
Breakfast cereal turns to soup
Tastes like puke

Oh no!
It's the Powdered Milk Man
Oh no!
Holding the Powdered Milk can
The super villain comes a creepin'
When you're sleepin'
And must be stopped anyway we can

You stand before me I will defeat you
You will not break me I will not take you
You're just another unearthy poison
Someone will stop you
You and your kind, step back!

Whoa ho ho ho Powdered Milk Man
Whoa ho ho you must die!
Whoa ho ho ho, Powdered Milk Man
Whoa ho ho ho whoa!


Whoa ho ho ho Powdered Milk Man
Whoa ho ho ho you must die!
Whoa ho ho ho Powdered Milk Man
Whoa ho ho ho you must die!

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