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Author/Artist/Singer: Arrogant Worms
Music Title/Track: Carfull Of Pain
Theme ID: 30930
Album: N/A

I bought me an auto an '81 Ford Escort wagon
Now the fan it be broke and the tailpipe it be draggin'
I feel like a shlemeel, my mechanics fit for hangin'
I got to go to Rust Check 'bout the price I'll be hagglin'
I can't drive it home because the muffler it be saggin'
Got a carfull of pain

Satan's in my engine Beelzebub's in my trunk
Mephistopeles at the wheel because I'm too god damn drunk
Baal's my passenger and Lucifer's beside him
I've got demons in the coolant I've got bats in the transmisson
This Escort needs an exorcism Pan is to blame
I got a carfull of pain

I put a tiger in my tank I let a champ spark my gas
Now I got's a demon in the hood a pain in the ass
I think the seats are broken

Oh no. Okay take it! Blind Lemon Trevor!
Yeah, make it hurt! Stop! Stop! It didn't have to hurt that much.

Please please mister take your blessed wrench
Cast out this demon hoard and replace that brimstone stench
With the smell of gasoline a heavenly muffled roar
I'll worship you oh Speedy man Mr Goodwrench even more
Let it run, let it run, let in run, oh God, let it run!

And now it purrs just like a kitten it roars just like a lion
It looks just like a temple golden carved by the Mayans
Here comes the mechanic

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