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Author/Artist/Singer: Arrogant Worms
Music Title/Track: Winnebago
Theme ID: 31036
Album: N/A

(Trevor's lnes are in brackets)

(Oh yeah!)
Oh man!
(it's so great to be on the road!)
It sure is, man!
(Hey, look at then little cars going beside us... Look how small they are!)
They're so tiny! Oh yeah!
(We have some great perpspective from up here in our...)
(Yeah, man, we got everything in here, man!)
That's right.
(I'm going to make some coffee, man!)
You making coffee?
(You want some coffee?)
I'm gonna make some photocopies!
(Oh, can you make some for me?)
Yeah, that'd be great!
(And can you bind them for me too?)
Oh, you bet, we can do anything in our
You know what?
I kinda got a hankering for a hot-tub.
(A hot-tub! A hot-tub!)
You know, I think I might go on back
to the hot-tub and give my old bones a
soak, you know what i'm saying?
(Okay, well man, don't you want to play some tennis first, man?)
Tennis? Where are we going to play tennis?
(on the top of our)
Oh yeah! I forgot about that!
(I put that in by the helicopter pad!)
That's... Wow, the helicopter pad?
(Oh yeah, man, just so we can get you and fly around, and that
way we can be even higher and look down on our.. uhh...)
You the funny thing about having a tennis court on the top of our Winnebago?
(What's that man?)
Is you gotta be a pretty good tennis player, man!
(Oh yeah, sure!)
You don't wanna miss cause you'll lose your balls, you know what I mean?
(Oh yeah! we got lots of balls!)
That's true.
(Lots of balls.)
We could just fill this whole thing with balls, couldn't we?
oh yeah!
(Hey, man, did yo

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