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Author/Artist/Singer: At The Drive-In
Music Title/Track: Alpha Centauri
Theme ID: 33564
Album: N/A

widows an antique replacement
a briefcase filled with mace
widows six legged lost and found
students spray the kent state mist
wishing wills missing clientele
widows sex legged lost and found

parkas worn in summer apparel
sweat lodge comatose of broken arrows

widows veiled in rebound sheets
this is the ghost of a chance the lonely
widows sex legged lost and found
precision watch the scalpel make roads
hear them talk in paranoid parables
widows sex legged lost and found

storefront chairmans fingering buttons
this running of the bulls will trample all
the life support system
madrid space station spain
e space flesh vs machine

matadors chase the bulls in a china shop

gored my neck but don't spare me death
i'm running circles red cape paper
taste the vapor

matadors chase the bulls in a china shop

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