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Author/Artist/Singer: Atmosphere
Music Title/Track: Abusing of the rib
Theme ID: 34734
Album: N/A


I wanna follow the footprints across my lovers stomach

i wanna call out her name before i plum it

i wish i had a map of the terrain so i could step around the landmines

avoid the beasts under the bed that read they bedtimes

i wanna find these here socalled treasures

the pleasures the trinkets the never ending weekends

acknowladging that i'm still just a piece of the sequense

but seeing this different footprints got me needin to show my weekness

time lies the time zones

i cross them with my eyes closed

memorise the landmarks and learn the cycles

the weather patterns how the seasons effect

the east and the west of each region learning cylces

forget about the fact that

many trails have been tracked

maybe it's a plus that theres a path

if this was some uncharted land i'd have to be a smarter man

willing to travel the farthest to unravel the harvest

and natural resources are unlimited

exploration only requires some desire and initiative

take your time and find the right way to climb

it ain't safe to play games with natures mind

if i could show you, you would never leave it

and if i could show you, you would never leave it

if i could show you, you would never leave it

and if i could show you, you would never leave it

if i could show you, you would never leave it

and if i could show you, you would never leave it

if i could show you, you would never leave it

and if i could show you, you would never

i wanna ride a train up my lovers arm

stop of at the brain

then hop out and find out what's going on

cut thru trees and ride thru rocks

and synchronise the universal sun down to my watch

i've seen a lot

but not quite as much as her

the top went of the memory and the imagination blurred

but i know she's been put thru hell

i can feel it

and i know she's touched having this well

trying to steal it

it came on and it tought her a song

it's strung her along and it caught her when the god was gone

now to the break-o-dawn she's tryin to feel that fix

and all the family and friends is tryin to seel them lips

but i ain't dumb

i can hear that train come from miles away

setting obstacles to stop the arrival

i'm gonna blow up that iron in wood rogue

from what i understood those be the aura fit's of his survival

my recidal another tantrum

because she's highly excitable swinging wings of red nova

happy endings always of to a bad start

addictive voyeuristic to the trackmarks

and if i could show you, you would never leave it (fade till end)

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