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Author/Artist/Singer: B2K
Music Title/Track: Dog(feat. Jhene & Lil Fizz
Theme ID: 589
Album: N/A

Woof! [5 times]

Platium Status
Bringing you the heat

You were playing games on me
I'm your new enemy
Now you will never be
Your a dooggggg.
Why you go and do that.
No it didn't work.

You were playing game on me.
Your a doggggggg.

[Verse 1:]
You thought I was in the dark.(no no never me)
Baby boy from the start (you was trippin)
I was askin questions to see if you was creepin, (for no reason) at all
I am acusing you of cheatin' no matter what you sayin so irratin' so baby stop playin'.

Tryna run your game on me
Your're a dog
Thinking you can cheat on me
You're a dog
Boy you know you lost my trust
You're a dog
And I know It's obvious


You were playing games on me
I'm your new enemy

[Verse 2:]
I heard you say you were gonna push up on her
I played along boy you think I'm stupid
I'm on point no I don't miss a damn thang
Fed up but Jhene ain't fallin
Play I don't know but she is my dog yeah
I got my friend on you tellin her to call
You got caught now I know that your're a doggggg!

[Repeat chorus 2 times]

[Lil' Fizz Rap:]
I'm a D-O-G from the T-U-G
It's hard tryna be the F-I double Z
I'm the Jay-z Of my generation
So sick I'm every hospital's #1 patient.
Girls be killin me
With they fantasies
When all I really wanted was the G-T-Ds.
Two minutes of conversation and you outta control.
I'm a D-O-G ain't no change in me

You think I didn't know you
How you played me for a fool

Barking at the wrong tree
Now you turn into my enemy

I planned it all like
I tried to test

[Repeat Chorus 2 times]

Platinum Status, 2002
Bringin' you heat.

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