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Author/Artist/Singer: Bad Religion
Music Title/Track: A Streetkid Named Desire
Theme ID: 2847
Album: N/A

well, it was punk-fifteen in the morning
and it was time
to stand my ground
and as the gawks and stares bombarded me
you know, I didn't even
hear a sound
no one gave a damn
if I was there or away
if I died and went to hell,
they'd throw a party on my grave
and they'd all say,
"this kid is just a fool, he'll never be cool,
they might as well just ship him off
to some other school"
plain destitute
just a little too guilty, just a little too soon
that day was just like any other day
no work, and no pay
I knew that paradise was some other place
and I'd get there another day
I will find it before I expire
cuz I've got the desire
well, it was punk-fifteen in the evening
and it was time to set the town on fire
I saw my boots and my hair,
as reflected in the mirror,
reveal a streetkid named desire
I didn't give a damn
because I was just dying to be
and as the hollywood street scene
left its mark on me
I changed from a boy into a man
I said "never again!"
I stuck out my chin when I should have ran
shit in the fan
I was driven so hard
by the sound of my heart
when the walls surround
in deeper shades of blue
and there's no voice of reason inside you
and you search for meaning
on an empty shelf
then you're always dreaming
of somewhere else
today is just like any other day
no fear, no restraint
I know that paradise is some other place
and I will get there another day
you can come with me,
no conditions or fares
somehow, somewhere,
I will find it before I expire,
cuz I've got the desire

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