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Author/Artist/Singer: Beneath The Ashes
Music Title/Track: Prologue
Theme ID: 19004
Album: N/A

Tucked in the woods

Near North Chicago

Early November

Commences our saga

Two loved in silence

For fear of corruption

Then fate chimed in

With an evil grin and a mighty interruption

She awoke in a panic

The TV in static

She heard a voice

In the attic

Crouched behind her door

With a Swiss Army knife

She cried in silence

Fearing for her life

Protecting herself

She stabbed the intruder

The lights turned on

Her knife impaled her suitor

She'd committed a murder

While he laid there bleeding

She stared, clearly scared

Checked her boyfriend's heart for beating

It's not right

The lights get dim

And all she thinks of is him

She cried through the morning

As she read the paper

Her father told police

The boy broke in to rape her

She ran to the bathroom

Enraged and pissed

Grabbed a razor

And tic-tac-toed her wrist

She'd committed a murder

And while she laid there bleeding

She stared, clearly scared

Checked her final pulse for beating

It's not right

The lights get dim

And all she thinks of is him

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