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Author/Artist/Singer: Benediction
Music Title/Track: Down On Whores (Leave Them All For Dead)
Theme ID: 19032
Album: N/A

'What they have in store for them... I desire...'
'They will suffer just as I...
...revenge on the whore.'

'Take the eyes, take the head
leave them all for dead.'

'My hands are cold... colder still'
'I will take the bitch tonight...
The children are well.'


'The gentle man...the whore is in debt...
They are blind as they say'
'Turn round three times
and catch whom you may.'

'May comes and goes in the dark of the night.
He kisses and whores and gives them a fright.
...and the doctors will get all the blame
but it's only may playing his dirty game.'
'...ha ha...'

'Rip the bitch wide...
...left my mark...
...had a go at her eyes.'
'The pain that night...
...burnt into my mind. stop my cries.'
'...ha ha...'

'...when I cut her...
kissed...for a while.
...shall I write and tell them...
...peace of mind.'

'Left her for dead...
there was thrill.
All whores...feel the...shining knife
Sir Jim with the shining knife.'
'I give my name that all know of me.
so history do tell...
...a gentle man born...'


(This song is entirely made of quotes taken from
the recently discovered diary of James Maybrick.
This diary contains a considerable amount of evi-
dence to conclude that James Maybrick was in
fact...Jack the Ripper.)

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