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Author/Artist/Singer: Benediction
Music Title/Track: I Bow To None
Theme ID: 19048
Album: N/A

I looked within myself and I turned
Many laddered mental maze burnt
Forever is the time that I walked along
Sufferance in silence is my syndrome

Take my path - Never last
In ruthless pain - I'll always reign
Silent sound - Stalking ground
Cemetery run - I bow to none

Dominating pray is my will
A homicidal urgeance to kill
Slash and stab the bitches of witchery
Deafening the screams of their agony

Take my path - Never last
In ruthless pain - I'll always reign
Silent sound - Stalking ground
Cemetery run - I bow to none

In my theatre of madness
Lone player on the stage
Woebegotten my audience
Momentary respite is taken from my rage

Shuddering in ecstasy
At the brutal crimes I've done
Your so blind you perfect fool
I bow to none

Open wounds in arrogant bliss
Skillfully remove
Innards in a vulgar heap
And finally the womb

Touch the flesh, desecrate the skin
Wading in the gore
Like a vulture I feed upon
This sacrificial whore

Their living bodies leave me so vexed
Copulation joyous dead sex
Morbid absorbtion in fantasy
My auspicious orgasm parody

Took my path - Did not last
In ruthless pain - I always reigned
Silent sound - Stalking ground
Cemetery run - I bow to none

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