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Author/Artist/Singer: Berlin Irving
Music Title/Track: Abie Sings An Irish Song (15 May 1913)
Theme ID: 19794
Album: N/A

[1st verse:]
In an Irish neighborhood
Abie kept a clothing store
But business wasn't good
No one came into the store and Abe wondered why
But soon winked his eye
Then bought up ev'ry Irish song that he could buy
In an hour and a half
Someone taught him how to sing the Irish songs somehow
He learned them all with ease
Them Irish melodies
He knows them all by heart and now

When an Irishman looks in the window
Abie sings an Irish song
When a suit of clothes he sells
He turns around and yells
"By Killarney's lakes and dells"
Any time an Irish customer comes in the place
Thinking that it's owned by someone of the Irish race
If he looks at Abie with a doubt upon his face
Abie sings an Irish song

[2nd verse:]
Ev'ry morning Abie goes
Through the store a-singing
"Where the River Shannon flows"
Business it is bringing and he knows what is best
He don't take a rest
He sings "Killarney" when he sells a coat and vest
Any time he gets a cold
Down his throat a bunch of fancy cough drops he will push
When anyone is near
He sings "Acushla Dear"
With emphasis upon the "cush"

[2nd chorus:]
When an Irishman looks in the window
Abie sings an Irish song
When a suit of clothes he sells
He turns around and yells
"By Killarney's lakes and dells"
Any time an Irishman comes in to pick a bone
If he looks at Abie and hollers in an angry tone
"I would like to wrestle with a Levi or a Cohn"
Abie sings an Irish song

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