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Author/Artist/Singer: Berlin Irving
Music Title/Track: Do Your Duty Doctor! (6 Aug 1909)
Theme ID: 19860
Album: N/A

[Full title: "Do Your Duty Doctor! (Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Doctor)"]

[1st verse:]
Liza Green felt awf'ly sick
Sent out for the doctor quick
The doctor called around, these words to say
"You're suff'ring from a love attack
And if you want to bring health back
A loving man must love you every day"
Then he turned to say goodbye
Just to hear Eliza cry:

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Doctor (oh, doctor)
Won't you kindly hear my plea? (oh, doctor)
I know, you know, doctor (oh, doctor)
Exactly what is best for me (oh, doctor)
Hear me sigh, hear me cry
Surely you ain't gonna let me die
For if some love will make me gain
Do your duty doctor, cure my pain

[2nd verse:]
Doctor said, "I can't decline
Curing patients is my line"
Then started lovin' Liza good and strong
Soon she was feeling well once more
The doctor then looked t'ward the door
And said, "I guess I'd best be getting along"
But Eliza hollered quick
"Oh, I fear I'm getting sick"

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