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Author/Artist/Singer: Berlin Irving
Music Title/Track: Down In My Heart (30 Oct 1912)
Theme ID: 19870
Album: N/A

[1st verse (for Boy):]
Around my heart I've got the funniest, honeyest, appealing
It came the very day that I fell in love with you
Revealing a bunch of joy
I really can't explain the reason why
What's more, I don't intend to even try
I know it's there and on the square, I'm as happy with it
As a baby with a toy

[1st chorus (for Boy):]
Down in my heart
You've played a prominent part
Right from the start
When Cupid mixed a funny drink
And the drink, I think
Went to my heart
And now it's bursting apart
Somehow I feel so good
With my little Venus
Nothing could
Ever come between us
Honest, little girlie
I am strong for you
'Way down in my heart

[2nd verse (for Girl):]
Around my heart of late I've noticed the most peculiar something
When you're around, just like the funniest jumping Jack
It's jumping on ev'ry side
If you could only look within its doors
You'd find conditions there the same as yours
Now all that I can say is, I'll be so happy, happy
When the loving knot is tied

[2nd chorus (for Girl):]
Down in my heart
You've played a prominent part
Right from the start
When Cupid mixed a funny drink
And the drink, I think
Went to my heart
And now it's bursting apart
It's jumping all around
Like a champagne bubble
Burden'd down
With a happy trouble
Honest, little fellow
I am strong for you
'Way down in my heart

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