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Author/Artist/Singer: Berlin Irving
Music Title/Track: Million Dollar Ball, The (6 May 1912)
Theme ID: 20037
Album: N/A

["Words and music by E. Ray Goetz and Irving Berlin".]

[1st verse:]
Dearie, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up
I've a bit of wonderful news!
Pass your worry up, worry up, worry up
It's the kind to drive away blues
Tell me how you'd like to call
At the million dollar ball
That's given by a rare millionaire, this affair
Don't you dare to care to refuse

Come on down, there's a million dollar ball in town
Just chase away that frown
Come on down
You'll be the best little dress'd little lady with your diamond crown
And your pretty little satin gown
I'll bet that all in the ball start to fall in love with you
You'll be beautiful
Come with me
And hear that most appealing harmony
That million dollar feeling comes to you
While the melody hums to you
You'll be glad to be at that million dollar ball

[2nd verse:]
Dearie, there's a queen of a green limousine
On the outside ready to go
Dear in this machine to the scene that I mean
Only takes a minute or so
Tell me that you understand
Really, it's a wonderland
And comf'table and snug like a bug in a rug
We can hug our way to the show

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