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Author/Artist/Singer: Cale Jj
Music Title/Track: Livin Here Too (J J Cale)
Theme ID: 1686
Album: N/A

Don't ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies
I was born on a freight train passing by
My mother was poor, my father too
I'll take anything I can get from you

I did not make this old world
I'm just livin' here too

I've been shot three times running, been cut with a knife
I've got four children working and I ain't got no wife
__ ___ ____ _____, ___ ___ ___ too
If you don't watch my fingers, I'll put the touch on you

Turn around slowly, look behind
I'm calling from nowhere and not by design
I did not make this old world
I'm just livin' here too

Nothing to win, nothing to lose
I don't want a lot, just a shot will do
I did not make this old world
I'm just livin' here too

J. J. Cale - Travel-Log (1989)

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