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Author/Artist/Singer: Capleton
Music Title/Track: Look Good In Her Clothes
Theme ID: 4418
Album: N/A

Verse 1:
Baby don't cry no more, wasting tears
running at your door
Baby don't cry no more, wasting tears
running at your door (Repeat)
Oh unno watch yah

Woman say she look good inna clothes
Weh she disclose
Caan tek the man dem weh a sleep an a dose
Say she good inna her clothes weh she disclose
She no inna nuttin with no funky pose
She good inna her clothes weh she disclose
Can't tek di bwoy dem weh a oonk an a dose
Good inna her clothes weh she disclose
Hey hear wha di girl tell mi say oh, oh

Verse 2:
She nuh inna nuttin with no funky pose
She nuh inna nuttin with no sucking a no toes
She nuh inna nuttin with no head unda clothes
No sucky sucky she say no blow blows
She nuh want nuh man fi gi nuh bun unda nose
An mek she peel an she a weal all the shirt an di trouse
Bedroom bully only pose dem a pose
She come check the lion fi di jungle code
Say she want the water from the lion hose
Brighten her memory an freshen up her rose
Dem yah kind a water kip her pon di road
She draw fi the prophet wid the golden sword
Woman say she good inna har, good inna har yeah 'a yaaaaa again

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
Hey a whaa happen again (Yow)
Di bwoy go treat har like harlot and treat har like whore
Never yet him ever carry har pon tour
All a tell the woman fi bruk out like sore
That's why the woman come check mi next door
Started to strip before she reach a mi door
Whisper inna mi ears and say the bwoy can't bore
She say she want it pon the bed an want it pon the floor
And she want the one two and she want the three score
When mi give har the trinity she ask out fi four
Tell mi a di prophet she want fi exploreeeee hey ha, hey ha
Onnu see it a judgment again weh she tell mi say (yow)

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4:
Onnu watch ya yow, yow, yow, yow
A yu nuh cry cry baby yuh nuh moon shine darling
An nuh mek dem treat yuh like nuh long neck garling
Dem nuh want yuh fi stand dem want yuh fi falling
After yuh nuh fish fi dem nyam yuh like marlin
Ling time mi a tell dem an dem neva tek the warning
Dis King Selassie watch the whole a dem falling
Emperor Selassie watch the blessing wah mi bring
Baby don't baby don't yow yow yow yow

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