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Author/Artist/Singer: Corpse Cannibal
Music Title/Track: Centuries Of Torment
Theme ID: 3779
Album: N/A

Denying penance
Eternal life reborn
Time and time again
I refuse it
I will not be saved
Return to human form

I kill
Pity for victims with untrue gods
My instinct will push beyond
Feelings like guilt, remorse or mercy
My flesh holds a soul of

Denying virtue
Eternal hate reborn
Time and time again
Spit upon it
My soul they cannot claim
Return to kill again

Another life to maim and kill
A beast with brutal will
Lifetimes spent on a quest for blood
And with my death it does not end

Evil reborn for eternity
Centuries of torment

I will not be saved

[Solo - O'Brien]

When I die
They beg me to repent
I refuse

I return
The past forgotten but evil innate
They have lost

They will not be saved
They will die

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