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Author/Artist/Singer: Dark Age
Music Title/Track: Terror To The Masses
Theme ID: 4633
Album: N/A

This is a lifework at its end
My discouraged part of a suicidal trend
Loss increase
while deep inside I'm on my knees
The gun beside me whispering:
"May I kill you please?"
End of it all
I'm following the sweetest call
Leaving what has begun
Beginning what will last forever
Take me away
'Cause I don't want to stay
You don't need to cry to see
What is happening to me...

Loving you is killing me
Loving you - The pain that sets me free

Terror to the masses
It's all this life can offer
And it's always choosing me
Blame it on the needs
Of a million souls that hate
Love lives somewhere nowhere
And it's hiding from its fate

Trust me
The sun is growing dark
My god is down and empty
And he is suffering the same as me
Growing inside my heart
My dreams fail from this day
My love has turned to hate
The ones who hurt me have to pay...

Loving you is killing me
Loving you - The pain that sets me free

Terror, terror, terror to the masses
Terror, terror, terror for my life

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