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Author/Artist/Singer: E 40
Music Title/Track: Carlos Rosi
Theme ID: 218
Album: N/A

top of the line wine carlos rosi crine i drinks it all the time its hexa
satisfien 3 or 4 times a day u can catch me driven back and forth to the liquor
store buying juggs and jugges of this shit couse i a fiend with no denien pervin
swervin runnen all into the motha fucken curb n if i get a nother DUI it will b
curtans i cant call it im just an alcaholic some times i hit the cronic its just
like gin and tonic when its time to get erotic find a big ass bottle of rosi
rine u will find y dont u be come a member of my drinking club u will find the
key 2 set u free so give it a try but dont mistake it for shablek unless u are
already high get a botthe of rossi and split it with your down cronies thats
what we call patnas sa habs homies hell motha fuckin yea we do this shit every
other fuckin day if not every day but anyway.......
top of the line rine carlos rosi fuckin with some of the top of the line carlos
rossi carlos rossi ....hokis motha fuckin poces the top of the line ryie yea
nigga thats the dopest

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