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Author/Artist/Singer: Eddie Haskill
Music Title/Track: Memento
Theme ID: 3163
Album: N/A

My mind got erased I think somebody better help me

Trying to get my memory back and I feel like Leonard Shelby

They took my LP that just got mastered for release

So I gotta get that cd back before the tracks are leaked

I got a cop assigned to my case but I can't believe his lies

He's Teddy and I'm Eddie But his name is just a disguise

Trying to getting me to find the wrong guy who committed the crime

And I can only think the rhymes that were once committed to mind

And then there's Natalie A female battle Mc

She knows what I'm going through she got her cd stolen too

She'll help me out of pity in this city that has no name

And I don't even got a recollection of the place where I'm staying

Need a Polaroid camera to piece together the clues

And the most important facts are on my body as tattoos

I'mma find Kool Kieth ask him about Matthew

His master was stolen too and everybody was left baffled

Ask him what to do first I've been having a lack of luck

He said first fact whoever jacked it was wack as fuck

But back up first you gotta understand why I act this way

I got short term memory loss they call it Antero grade

The last thing I remember was my body as it layed

With a shotty on my face all alone and afraid

And the Doctors say that I can learn through conditioning

Trust my intuition to help reveal the cd that is missing

So I listen but heavily rely on my hand writing

Was it a friend or foe that stole either way you know I don't like him

When I find him will I fight him slice him or Mike Tys him

Bash his ears so he can never hear stuck in daydreams like Everclear

The truth is never near so I'mma dig deeper for clues

Fact 2 found out his name was John G got the tattoo

And supposively I can learn through repetition

Try to piece together the fact but a couple steps are missing

For instance this was a crime obviously organized by haters

But haters are everywhere in a variety of flavors

Maybe neighbors or some fake kids that I used to politic with

But this shit got their mouths closed and their lips zipped so

I'm in need of some help I can't find the culprit alone

So I call up Natalie but I'm not too good on the phone

We met at her home and I gave her the thief's license plate number

She has friends at the DMV we'll meet later on to eat for the ID

I got plans to get the man who ruined my life and did this

And after tonight I can get my album finished

I met her up at the diner to retrieve the information

One manila envelope can solve the problems that I'm facing

She was reluctant to give it up thought it was too much to handle

But I spent too many nights burning both ends of the candle

Convinced her to let me get my vengeance on this animal

Pulled out the papers and found out it was John Edward Gammel

My heads bout to burst shit its ready to pop

I figured all along that it was Teddy the cop

And Eddie won't strop whether I remember or not

Called him up and lured him to a secluded spot

Faked like I had a lead but in reality I came to end today

Forget about assault and battery

I put the gun to his face he said I was making a mistake

But facts are facts it's the memory that can be faked

I asked repeatedly for the master but he wouldn't give up the cd

So I shot him through the cheek dead courtesy of ED

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