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Author/Artist/Singer: Eddie Haskill
Music Title/Track: There Goes the Neighborhood
Theme ID: 3168
Album: N/A

A perceived notion in a nation of contemplation
Thoughts get expressed through a mental masturbation
Castration of the mind is sought to relieve conditions
But anything short of a lobotomy won't release inhibitions
Dissing a mainstream rapper but my flow branched off
And now my own stream is formed where activists stand off
We were prepared for the floodgates to open
We thought a barge would work but overflow left it broken
Over saturation turned your dreams to fabrication
And they're still asleep to believe they're atop this rap nation
I used to have aspirations for cash, ass and Asians
Now I'm trying to survive against attempts at assassination
So if you're with me throw your fists in the air
Conformers of commercialism better listen with care
I'll drink Crys if it's free but I'll settle for beer (SE)
And next year it's a sure bet that Ed will be here
Still writing magnificent rhymes dropping lines for you to quote them
On of off the internet, whether T3 or modem
Encrypt the script I'll leave it up to you to decode them
The Rumpelstiltskin of rap, everything sowed is golden
Let's not talk about the plaques you holdin son
Cause I'm a hot, smart kid who kicks raps rolled in one
So unload your gun. How dare you take shots at me
Disrespect, of course I'm gonna talk obnoxiously
Constantly, I've been told to act responsibly
So my true feelings get wrote and put on CD
And honestly, I never understood what a battle was
Until I couldn't sleep one night and I had to battle drugs
And drugs had the one up but I'd been testing him for years
So I figured it was best to quit and put to rest all of my fears
I went from half pill to no pills saw coke hills on dope deals

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