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Author/Artist/Singer: Edition New
Music Title/Track: School
Theme ID: 4720
Album: N/A

Ronnie, bobby, ricky, and mike, and ralph!
S c h o o l, you got to go to school and beat that bell.
E-mail, what goes here? ________and ring, ding, dong.
We e-mail, what goes here? __________ rap about this song.
Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, the weekends here!

Well listen.
When I was very young I used to sit around the house watching oil can harry battle mighty mouse
Until my mother said, son, thats not the way to be. youve got to go to school and learn your abcs.
I said, is that it, mom?
She said, thats not even half. youve got to go to school, you got to learn some math.
You got to learn you to count- 1, 2, 3- and then get freshed up on the history.
My first day of school Ill never forget. my teacher said, recite the alphabet.
I said, a e m e l r, and, as you can see, I didnt get very far.
The teacher said, son, theres nothing to it. before the days over, youll learn how to do it.
And not only that, youll learn how to read, and thats one thing in life youll always need.
Well, schools not all work. theres fun things to do like gym, lunch, and recess, too.
Kindergarten was easy. it was mostly play. what I was worried about was elementary.

S c h o o l, you got to go to school and beat that bell.
_______________ and ring, ding, dong.
We ______________ rap about this song. (2)

Ha! now something got wrong. I took another turn.
I didnt want to study, didnt even want to learn.
Didnt want to go to class. I was always late because school became something that I started to hate.
Started hanging with my boys; didnt mean no harm. we was going around the school pulling fire alarms.
I was a chilly homeboy, yes, I was down because I came to school just to mess around.
I started hanging in the halls, writing on the walls, until I g

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