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Author/Artist/Singer: Einstürzende Neubauten
Music Title/Track: Zebulon (English)
Theme ID: 5882
Album: N/A

Let my centre be your axis
around which your body turns
let your centre be my axis
around which your body turns
let me through your columns stroll
along your colonnade
let me not hesitate
nor play hard to get
amble idly, revel sprightly
in you lose my way

only she will see the light first

let me through your delta swim
with inclined head traverse
let me savour the true salt of the earth
be a tongue fish in your lake
let the way of the world on all fours
play on stage as carnal choreography
celebrate spring's glory

now see! the pole caps are melting
the hill is not frozen

the axe has been laid unto afore
for the garden's defloration
some important thing's exhumation
in one mouth saliva und honey's summation
for your soul's exhumation

now draw me after you
winter has passed over, the great thaw!

I'm coming
from falsity, from infirmity,
from the principality
of sovereighn senses to court you
for ever to release you

only she will see the light first...)

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