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Author/Artist/Singer: Eldritch
Music Title/Track: The Last Days Of The Year
Theme ID: 6709
Album: N/A

Sweep off the streamers and lay down the covers
The story's over
Love conquers all happy endings
The wicked is tamed, he's got the chance for an afterthought
For changing and weeping, repenting and creeping
Tales always finish too early to tell that he's had enough

Going for lonely ways, waiting for better days
Waiting for spring, for the doorbell to ring
So far apartand still here
Turning the page on these lonely last days of the year

Spirits of air ghostly friends
Please take my hand, I'm so far from my land
Cure all my wounds, lick my tears, chilling my face,
I'm so far from my place
Never again smiling backwards to past lives, never again
shedding tears
Never again on the waves of the turning tide
Never again on these last days of the year

Going for lonely ways, waiting for better days
Waiting the dike, you don't know what it is like
So far apart and still there, now in the last days of the year

Going for lonely ways, waiting for better days
Waiting the dike, you don't know what it is like
So far apart and still here, so far away but still near
Walk alone, breed of Cain, thinking all night and days
One far away, knowledge goes with the pain
To make a light you must burn
But times are about to turn

Within my prison I'll stand
Within the hope of my exile's end
When every sin will be forgiven
And dreams closer and clearer will gleam

Out of this deadly deep frost
Without the memory of what is lost
Without the tears with eyes unswelled
I will build stronger and straighter high
walls...That's all

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