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Author/Artist/Singer: Eleanor McEvoy
Music Title/Track: She Had It All
Theme ID: 6747
Album: N/A

She's graceful to the eye
Elegant and tall
To see her walking by,
You'd think she had it all.
But I see her all the time now
A little red around the eyes now
Even so, it doesn't show
'Till I hear it in her words there
Just a little bit slurred there,
Then I know, I know ??

That she's drinking again,
Started sinking again
What's she thinking of then?
Well I don't know.
But she's drinking again
Started sinking again
What's she thinking of then?
Well I don't know.

None of this is new
It all went down before
When she made it through
I thought she knew the score
But she's nothing left to hope with
And it's such a lot to cope with
Even still, I think she will,
She's trying really hard now,
But letting down her guard now
Until, until ??


She dreamed of being so fine,
She dreamed of having someone by her side
And even when her dream had died,
She dreamed that she could somehow make it right

Lipstick smudging her face
Hair all over the place
They say she's a disgrace
But they don't know
If she's drinkin' a lot
And if she says that she's not
Is she able to stop?
Well I don't know


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