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Author/Artist/Singer: Eleniuj
Music Title/Track: Your Immortal Kiss
Theme ID: 7739
Album: N/A

[Lyrics by J.]

[Music by Elenium]

Freezing but burning from inside,

The carves that you left me never healed.

Around me is the world tonight,

Can not see it, tears fill my eyes.

Lonely steps I follow, this path is touching my heart.

Like Your Immortal Kiss, your forever hurting closesness.

Darkness that took you, takes me too!

(Greed in my heart send you fading away,

Away, why death took you? Just space,

Emptyness and despair;

Bring me back your immortal love!

Falling, falling eternally.

Your arms the paradise, I once felt,

Is now just a beautiful dream.

The steps are gone so are you.

Still through the utter darkness I'd travel,

For your tears, just to see them again!

Greed in my heart send you fading away,

Away why death took you?

So close you were and then gone,

You left me Your Immortal Kiss!

As the story ends I'll see your life, passing by my soul.The tears as you

died, they never Stopped, falling down!

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